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Welcome to the heart of Saxony! Right around the geographical centre of the Free State there is lots to discover. The unique landscape as well as the striking cultural history of the region are the result of a diverse geological history.

This 570-million-year-old heritage is especially evident in the resident geological sights. True natural treasures can be found here. Whether in the form of imposing cliffs, as to be seen at the national geotope "Porphyry Fan", or in the depths of old mine shafts. Numerous themed trails and well signposted hiking, cycling and riding trails provide an insight into the past.
The GEOPARK is also a place of vibrant cultural history, a local recreational oasis, an area of naturr and landscape conservation as well as an educational space. Themed guided hikes, excursions, environmental education and action days - all this is part of experiencing the GEOPARK in Saxony's centre.

We are looking forward to your visit!

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