Funding Projects

Project: Interior design of the GEO-information-point Grillenburg in GEOPARK "Sachsens Mitte"

Implementation period: following
In the community center of Grillenburg, a GEO-Infopunkt is to be established on the upper floor.

Project: GEOPARK "Sachsens Mitte" - Image, visitor analysis, target group and implementation campaign

Implementation period: 15.11.2022 to 31.08.2023
The goal of the project is to build up the image of the GEOPARK Sachsens Mitte and its offers. Furthermore, a stronger focus of the target groups on the content-related features of the GEOPARK region is to take place.

Project: Design of the former railroad station Naundorf as a new GEO-information-point

Implementation period: 05.07.2022 to 17.09.2022
This GEO-information-point in the former engine shed of Naundorf deals with the topics geology, cycling and pilgrimage on the Way of St. James.

Project: Development of sustainable structures of GEOPARK as a contribution to innovative regional development

Implementation period: 01.11.2021 to 31.12.2024
With the certification as a National Geopark, the work of the association reaches a new level of quality. The aim of the project is to meet this quality standard and to prepare the required evaluation after five years.

Project: Project management for the development of a GEOPARK "Sachsens Mitte"

Implementation period: 01.06.2019 to 31.10.2021
As part of the project, the region around the Tharandt Forest in the center of Saxony was developed into a GEOPARK. A network of stakeholders from the economy, the population, tourism and education was established.

Project: Qualification and further training of tourist guides

Implementation period: 01.01.2019 to 30.06.2019
In order to appropriately encourage visitors of the GEOPARK to consciously perceive nature, geology, landscape and culture and to accept them as assets worthy of protection, qualified guides were trained in this project.

Project: Creation of a development concept for the GEOPARK "Tharandter Wald und Weißeritztäler"

Implementation period: 01.05.2017 bis 31.05.2018
The aim of the project was to acquire a development concept for the region of the Tharandt Forest and the adjacent Weisseritz valleys, which was used as a guideline and basis for the establishment of a geopark.

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