National Geoparks
in Germany

"Due to the growing interest in the establishment of geoparks in Germany and the activities at an international level, the committee for soil research (BLA-GEO) decided to introduce the national seal of approval "National GeoPark in Germany" in 2002. The first four National GeoParks in Germany were appointed on December 16, 2002. The title is awarded by the GeoUnion Alfred-Wegener-Foundation. (...)

A geopark is certified on the basis of a written application to the office of the National GeoParks Certification Commission. The title is awarded to existing, active geoparks and is limited to five years.”


The goal of the National GeoParks in Germany is to support the sustainable development of a region, in particular through tourism and the responsible use of its resources.
Since November 4th, 2021, the GEOPARK Sachsens Mitte has also been awarded this seal of approval.

There are currently 18 National GeoParks, eight UNESCO Global Geoparks and six Geopark initiatives throughout Germany.


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